Monday, January 28, 2013

On Moods

I have realized many days that I have completely stopped (obviously until now) keeping this whole blog thing going.  It's weird - all of a sudden, I just didn't have much to say.  Or, rather, I had stuff to say but nothing felt important/interesting/funny enough to write down.  So today that is what I'm thinking about: that weird phenomenon that happens when all of a sudden we just stop doing something we had previously done religiously - sometimes religion is one of those things. 

For example, there were summers when I was about 16 where my friend Lee and I went fishing everyday - and I mean that damn-near literally.  We were on a first-name basis with local bait and tackle shop owners, we had complex and sometimes misguided theories of how to catch what.  (We were particularly bad at catching catfish and also getting catfish back in the water when we were actually successful)  Then one day - I don't remember when - I just lost interest in it.  There's a whole slew of current friends that would be surprised that I ever cared so much about fishing. 

I guess my point is that moods come over us, we get swept up, and then sometimes we move on.  Sometimes it comes full circle - sometimes you're just finished with whatever you had gotten caught up with in the first place.  I'm thinking of Chris Cooper's character in Adaptation explaining that he loves the ocean but no longer sets foot in the ocean and explaining: "That's how much fuck fish."

So hopefully today will begin a new period of strange musings.  Even as I'm typing now, I can feel the loss of rhythm I had accumulated over about a year of pretty solid postings.  Well, all that being said.  Cheers to everyone who has stuck around reading this thing.